Bothan Jedi

Bothan Jedi
My small corner of the Star Wars Universe


Welcome to my small corner of the Star Wars Universe.

My name’s Chris, but you can call me Bothan Jedi. I coined the name back in 2000 when I first got into making replica props and costumes. I had to come up with a screen handle when joined the Replica Prop Forum (RPF) and thought it would be cool to be a Jedi with a twist.

The majority of this site is devoted to my hobby of collecting all things Star Wars. My main focus is replica props, which include Lightsabers, Blasters, Helmets and Masks, but I also the collect toys, figures, busts and other miscellaneous SW items. In my collection I also have a few Sci-fi/Fantasy props from other classic movies such as Bladder Runner, Indian Jones, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, Men in Black and Star Trek.

I costume with the 501st Stormtrooper Legion and the Rebel Legion. In fact it was the purchase of a set of stormtrooper armor that sucked me back into Star War Universe Fandome and collecting. Many years later my family and friends tell me my office now looks like a toy store.

Right now most of my free time is devoted to between my R2 Project. It’s a big undertaking, and when I’m done I should have a fully functional Radio Controlled Astromech Unit.

This blog is relatively new, but I’ve had a Star Wars website for many years. It had become dated and hard to maintain. So I decided to move the content to this new site and turn it into a blog.

Hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to drop me an email any time if you have any questions.


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