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Watch what you search for, someone maybe watching!

I’m guessing that not many people know that when you search the
internet, with say, google, and then click on the resulting links to
sites, that your search phrase is passed on to the site you’re visiting.

So, as you can imagine, we get a lot of interesting searches to BAV. Excluding the obvious, here’s some of the top results –

  • vegan pizza
  • vegan shirts
  • urban forage
  • bay area vegetarian restaurant guide
  • saravana bhavan
  • maggiemudd
  • half moon bay camping
  • arroyo seco camping
  • street fairs
  • trader joe s cashew
  • vegan foods & there advantages
  • geranium (this was our number of for a long time when they first opened)
  • bay area stargazing
  • easy cooking dinner recipe
  • vegan party menu
  • vegetarian hotdog stand
  • best vegan ice cream

Plus, some of the more ‘interesting’ phrases people put in –

  • cupertino dog friendly restaurants
  • unusual sushi vegetarian
  • sandcastles organic cafe
  • pig supplier bay area
  • gabe quash

We also get a few strange searches on the Ultimate Guide. The one that caught my eye this week was ‘lenscrafters’. I have no clue why someone would search our vegetarian guide for this :)

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