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USPS R2D2 – What’s inside?

Now that I have the new blog up and running I guess I should go back and post some recent news.

A few weeks ago USPS and Lucas rolled out 400 Artoo-Detoo post boxes all over the country. We’re lucky enough to have a few in the Bay Area and I found this one just off Union Square in San Francisco. It’s on the corner of Powell and Post across from the Disney store – You can’t miss it.

I got lucky and the USPS guy played along and allowed me to check the inside of the strange astromech. My picture was even featured on

If you’ve found one in your neighborhood don’t forget to add yourself to the offical R2D2 Frapper Map.

More photos in my R2 Gallery and the offical USPS Jedi website can be found here.

Don’t forget to vote for R2 as your favorite Star Wars stamp.

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