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The worse kind of spammer….

Sometimes the worse kind of spammer is the one who doesn’t know he’s doing it.

I run several mailing list and participate in a few dozen more. Occasional someone will pick-up my email and add me to their very own ‘special’ mailing list for thing important to them. You know the kind of person who has a jokes list, latest comic strip, or political alerts. Sometimes I don’t mind – but for the most part I really dislike it when people do it without asking.

Most of the time people will remove you when you ask them. But a few months ago I got added to Bob Foster’s ( personal alert list for everything and anything.

I tried everything to get of his list. I wrote repeatedly, called EarthLink (who hate spammers), but they would not help as I wasn’t a customer. Nothing I tried would stop Bob from emailing me his latest alert on the hot political issue of the day.

I think he lives locally but there’s quite a few in the book and I didn’t want to go cold calling random people. This is worse than spam 😉

I tried googling on but came up blank.

So I kept on plugging away trying to get him to stop via email – but he simply ignored me.

He’d been quiet for a few weeks, but today I got another email and it tipped me over the edge. I tried Google again and this time cam up with his cell phone number (408-499-0737).

So I called and spoke with him. He gave some lame excuse why he didn’t return my emails or why he would not remove me. He was very nice but seemed surprised that I’d caught.

So he promised to remove me, but only time will tell. This time I’m armed with his cellphone number and speed-dial 🙂

Well like an idiot the guy has started to send out his “alerts” again. I couldn’t believe it. I promptly called his cellphone and he came up with yet another lame excuse and promised to remove me again. I just cant believe how dump some people are.

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