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Robot Deer to help Stop Poachers">Robot Deer to help Stop Poachers

Robot Deer

I thought this was interesting –

Robotic deer has a swiveling head, and it’s lifelike enough to stop traffic.

But it’s really a decoy being used all over Northwest Indiana, and it’s fooling a lot of suspected deer poachers whom Indiana conservation officers are catching in the act.

Indiana State Conservation Officer Gene Davis said: “[The decoy] is gaining popularity because it’s actually being shot more. The people that are hunting that are seeing it they’re just dumfounded by it. They’re thinking a deer is standing along the road, they’ll get out and take a shot at it.”

So if hunters can’t tell the difference and are get the same thrill from shooting a robot why not buy a whole lot more and save the deer. However, it’s not clear if the robots are skinned with real deer – ugh!

[via engadget]

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