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My fav movies of all time

I’ve always had a fascination for movies, specially on the big
screen. I think it goes back to when I was a kid where my mother would
take us the local movie house all the time. I can still remember seeing
a lot of the Disney movies for the fist time at the Regal Theatre in
Maesteg ;)

In recent years my obsession has grown to where I make and collect
replica props from some movies. It’s an interesting hobby and I’m sure
I’ll write some more on it one day.

So onto my list of all time favorite movies. This is going to be
tough as it really does depend on the moody I’m in. But it’s a question
that comes up and thought I’d put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak.

Of course, The Original Star Wars Trilogy is top of the list (if I allow myself to count them as one), with Empire Strikes Back being my fav if I had to pick.

The LOTR Trilogy
comes in a close second to Star Wars…maybe edges it out some days as
Tammy really like them too. If I had to pick one movie from the trilogy
it would be the Fellowship of the Ring.

I can’t wait for the extended edition of Return of the King on DVD later this year. Can anyone say “All day Vegan Food Party meets LOTR” ;)

Back to the list, next up would be the first and last Indian Jones
movies. IMHO the second was a dud and I’m hoping the reported 4th movie
which is in the planning stages doesn’t destroy the spirit of the
earlier movies.

The then of course there’s Star Trek First Contact. Always a good watch and one of it’s stars is a vegan no less – James Cromwell.

I’ve always been fond of the Die Hard Trilogy, as they’re pretty simple and also a good watch once in a while.

Saving Private Ryan – My grandfather died on the
beaches of Normandy during World War II, so the opening scene is very
hard to watch and especially meaningful to me.

For comedies, I really like For Weddings and a Funeral and Peters Friends with Hugh Laurie. And I’d have to add Monty Python’s The Holy Grail to the list.

Anyone keeping count?

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