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Missionaries coming to Wales">Missionaries coming to Wales

Tabor Chapel MaestegI was raised a Welsh Baptist, but I don’t remember a whole lot about it. Today I would call myself an Atheist. What I do remember from my childhood was the large number of chapels and churches in my tiny home town. You couldn’t go a street or two without hitting one.

In recent years, it looks like they’re struggling to find ministers to preach to the dwindling congregations.

Not only are they outsourcing high tech jobs and call centers, they’re now outsourcing religion.

As religion’s role declines in Wales, ministers from India come to defence of ‘Mother Church’

A century ago, Welsh missionaries with the reforming zeal of the British Empire converted his ancestors to Christianity. Now a minister from India is spreading the gospel in Wales in an effort to bring spirituality back to the community.

Rev. Hmar Sangkhuma, from Mizoram, a state in northeast India, is helping to fill the shortage of ministers and evangelizing in deprived, rural communities in South Wales.

Picture right is Tabor Chapel in Maesteg (or Capel in Welsh). It’s not very far from where I was born. Incidentally, the Welsh National Anthem was first official performance in the original Maesteg Tabor Chapel in 1856.

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  1. Bill Howells [Visitor] March 16th, 2006 4:01 am

    Not correct. the national anthem was first sung in old Tabor chapel in Temple street in 1856 not the new tabor chapel shown which wasn’t built until 1907.

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