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Google Desktop, passwords and more

Well I’ve been using Google Desktop for just over a week and it’s
come in handy more than once. So much better than the search built into

I found all shorts of stuff I had no idea I had on my PC, some of
which I thought had long gone, some good some bad. Like a long
forgotten geocities account from 9 years ago, still sitting there on
the web – old and dated, but Google Desktop found the old passwords for
me and I was able to login and remove some things. :)

It also found a bunch of backup files I’ve been making of
‘important’ documents over the years. You know how things go, you get a
new PC, laptop, PDA or whatever and stach things away just in case
you’ll need it. Well I had copies of copies of ‘My Documents’ nested
deep across many drives.

What suprised me the most was how many passwords it found, even
those I thought were secure. The thing is it can search your old email
too, so when you get those account activation/creation messages which
often have the password right in them – it’s all still sitting right
there in your email archives. Sounds obvious know, but I bet ya that
you’ve got some ‘secure’ passwords exposed in your email somewhere
right now.

It also got me thinking how easy it would be for a trojan to pick
these passwords up if I was unfortunate enough to get infected. So I
just spent the last few hours cleaning up my PC ;)

The only feature I’d like see added to Google Desktop right now is the ability to search network drives. Not much to ask.

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