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End of an Era

One of the first theaters to show the original Star Wars movie, The Coronet in San Francisco, is finally closing tomorrow to make way for a new seniors center/housing development for the Goldman Institute on Aging, which also acts as a host to the San Francisco Vegetarian Society. Tenuous Star Wars + Vegetarianism link i know, but couldn’t resist.

First opening in 1949, The Coronet has been a favorite for local ILM and LucasFilm staffers to attend on the opening night of a new SW movie.

Coronet - Revenge of the Sith - Not!

I had a blast outside for Episode 2. Not sure what my plans will be for opening night for Episode 3. I’m guessing most of my 501st friends will hit the Metreon in costume.

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  1. laura [Visitor] February 10th, 2005 2:39 am

    aww, that sucks! one of my favorite things about san francisco was all the cool old theaters that were still in use. ah, well.

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