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Canon Battery Charger (CB-2LS) + UK Adapter = Saved $

Okay, this one may seem like a no brainer, but I’m happy to report I saved a few bucks today.

I’ll be going to visit my mother in the UK soon and wanted to make
sure I could charge the batteries (NB-1LH) on my Canon PowerShot S500
while there.

I did a quick search on and,
and genuine Canon chargers cost around $50-70, however I did find some
OEM one’s for around $20 + s/h, but I still thought that was a bit much
for something we’d probably only use once or twice in the life of the

Then it suddenly dawned on me, the charger we got with the camera (CB-2LS) is rated at 110volts – 240volts. Duh!

So all I would need is a UK adapter for it. I remembered I’d gotten
one when I first moved here many moons ago, so fingers crossed it’s
going to work. I think the adapter only cost me a few dollars :)

CB-2LS Canon Battery Charger (NB-1LH) + UK Adapter

Hopefully this will find it’s way into google and will save others money too.

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  1. Zach [Visitor] January 10th, 2005 3:38 am

    voltages, now to find an adaptor – but two days in Edinburgh not taking
    pictures 🙁

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